Slab City

Thanks to all the residents of slab city for their hospitality during my stay, it truly is an amazing place like no other I have visited. I hope to be back again and document the life here in more detail.


The home of the slab city skate park caretaker.


A reclaimed trailer home occupied by multiple people.


The slab city church is lonely on the outside but many of the residents attend the sermons.


The party starts early but lasts into the night. I have not heard this much Tenacious-D covered in one night.


Beth in front of her motor home. She lives here with her husband and three young children.


Beth’s motorhome is filled with all sorts of trinkets given to her by people while on the road.


A full house enjoying some sugary treats.


Beth’s husband has a pretty interesting hat.


The boys enjoying some late night video games on the stage.


I did not get this guys name but he takes care of the skateboarding area when not doing crystal meth, nice guy anyhow.


Sandy and her art.


I love this bus.


Slab city is indeed open for business day and night. I had a lot of fun.