If you are looking for a true wilderness experience in North America, very few locations beat the Yukon. Hundreds of kilometres of rugged terrain with no humans in sight is deeply rejuvenating.

20170802_yukon_1010 20170802_yukon_1018

I had a chance to do some shooting in Iceland this year, a place I really fell in love with. The ever changing weather and light are a landscape photographers dream. The images below are a tiny selection, as I’m not going to try to capture the whole island in a single blogpost.

Now that I’m familiar with the layout of the Island, I hope to return for some more focused photography.

iceland_1 iceland_2

I have not done as much shooting this summer as I would have liked. Below are a few images from summer day trips within a two or three hour radius of Toronto. Because I generally don’t like the bug infested Ontario forests in the summer, most of my favourite shooting happens during late fall and the tail end of winter.

summer1 summer2

One of the most amazing places in the world I had the privilege to spend time in has been Nepal. Nepal’s nature, culture and people have left a lasting mark on me.

It saddens me greatly that the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck on April 25th destroyed many of the cultural sights in the capital. Many of the places I have visited and wished to have had another chance to photograph are gone forever.  I’m glad to say that all my friends in Nepal are safe and have not been hurt by the quake.

Below are some images from the Khumbu region of the country:

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Kathmandu is a very vibrant city that is a visual overload for photographers. Below are some images from my brief stay in the area after returning from the mountains.

1 3


I’m sure this panorama of the city has been changed forever after the earthquake.