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Print Information

Feb 6, 2013

Ever since my developer sniffing days in the darkroom, I have always considered the print to be the final step in the photographic process – a tangible object that no screen can replace. As an art collector myself, I like having physical copies of work by artists I enjoy. Paintings, drawings and photographs were just never meant to be imprisoned in the electronic world. Until my print sale website is up and running you can contact me about purchasing a print via the e-mail contact form. Please include the link to the image you like, and I will be glad to send you a print. Keep in mind that due to the random nature of my posts not all images are for sale or available at the sizes I like to print at.

About the prints

All images are pigment prints on matte or gloss cotton rag paper depending on the image being printed. My papers of choice are made by Hahnemühle, a German fine paper maker since 1584. The prints are signed and packaged in a crystal clear envelope together with image information and an archival foam core backing or matte board to protect the image from bending during handling. I like to keep print quality high at close viewing distances so only images shot with medium format digital or large format film are available at 30×40.