A postcard week

Aug 27, 2012

Being disappointed and coming back with nothing exciting from a trip is part of landscape photography. It’s something I’m starting to get used to, especially whenever I go up to the Bruce Peninsula wishing for some good light. It’s my second trip up there this year, and I’m hoping to return sometime in September to give it another try.

This week was full of sun and mostly cloudless sky. I tried to capture the post card like appearance of flowerpot island during the only time some clouds graced the sky with their presence. Bright, vivid and perhaps over the top, it is how the place appears on sunny days. Later in the evening (3rd picture) the sky in the whole area was blank and stayed like this for the rest of the week.

Some pictures from Kyoto

Aug 6, 2012

Formerly the imperial capital of Japan, Kyoto is a great place to photograph. I enjoyed the quiet streets, great food and the various temples. The vibe in Kyoto is very different from Tokyo.


Change in email subscription

Aug 5, 2012

I would like to notify all my e-mail subscribers that I have updated the e-mail notification system on this blog. The old e-mail system was attaching useless html tags to the messages which the new one does not. If you still wish to continue receiving updates via e-mail, please re subscribe using the form on the sidebar. Additionally I have added a feedburner RSS feed for anyone who likes to receive updates via RSS.

As always, thank you for all the support !

Random street shots from Japan

Aug 3, 2012