Slab City

Jan 29, 2012

Thanks to all the residents of slab city for their hospitality during my stay, it truly is an amazing place like no other I have visited. I hope to be back again and document the life here in more detail.


The home of the slab city skate park caretaker.


A reclaimed trailer home occupied by multiple people.


The slab city church is lonely on the outside but many of the residents attend the sermons.


The party starts early but lasts into the night. I have not heard this much Tenacious-D covered in one night.


Beth in front of her motor home. She lives here with her husband and three young children.


Beth’s motorhome is filled with all sorts of trinkets given to her by people while on the road.


A full house enjoying some sugary treats.


Beth’s husband has a pretty interesting hat.


The boys enjoying some late night video games on the stage.


I did not get this guys name but he takes care of the skateboarding area when not doing crystal meth, nice guy anyhow.


Sandy and her art.


I love this bus.


Slab city is indeed open for business day and night. I had a lot of fun.



Back in civilization

Jan 24, 2012

Got back from death valley late last night, what an amazing place. I’m definitely going to come back for an extended stay the next chance I have. More images to follow when I get back to Canada.



Enjoying the sunrise on salt flats 281 feet below sea level, the lowest point in North America




Salvation Mountain

Jan 20, 2012

This is what happens when a man finds Jesus and is left alone in the desert for many years. A very interesting place indeed.


Pentax 645D 626 sec at ƒ / 5.6, 100 ISO – 55mm 2.8 lens

I tried a long exposure at night to see what would happen. If I get a chance to go back to this spot I will try a few variations on the camera settings.


My hobby farm

Well, not really, but it would be neat to own a property in this valley.



Coral Canyon

Jan 17, 2012

There are some pretty amazing looking places right in San Diego county. I always assumed San Diego was the place to go for great beaches and surfing (and awesome fish taco’s) but there is so much more in the area to explore.