Abandoned house

May 29, 2012

I’m not sure if the people who lived here had home insurance or not. Perhaps a tree falling on their home was not covered in the fine print ? Whatever happened to this place makes it look like something out of a children’s book.




Bruce Peninsula

May 28, 2012

I spent a few days on the Bruce peninsula (in Ontario Canada) this past long weekend. The weather was great but unfortunately the light was bad and the trip was not very fruitful photographically. Tobermory is probably the closest and best place to stay if you are planning on heading out that way. There are plenty of motels, hotels and cottages as well as a ferry to the flowerpot island.

Note that good cooking is scarce in the area so you will have to settle on typical pub fare or nasty fish and chips in the centre of little tub harbour. A few more expensive places inside of the hotels offer what one could call “fine dining” but don’t be fooled. A new restaurant (opened for just the 3rd day when I got there) called the Rocky Raccoon Cafe just outside of town on highway 6 is the only place I have discovered that offers great food prepared by a Nepalese chef. After coming to this region on and off for the last 15+ years, I no longer dread the food I have to deal with during my stay.




May Weekend

May 14, 2012

Once again it’s a busy time at work and photographic opportunities are lacking during the week. Until I find time for a proper trip the weekends are my best bet. The last couple of days had great weather and decent light for a small road trip.