Clara + Enzo = Idiots in the woods

While walking my dog through the local forrest I came across an area where at least 10 trees were marked senselessly by people who clearly don’t respect the nature around them. Normally I don’t feel like ranting about such things but this is a re-occurring motive in many places I have been to. What possesses people to do this is still a mystery to me. Is it because trees don’t hit or bite back ? Surely if I had the sudden urge to scratch my name into someone else’s face on a subway I would be stopped by others or at the very least be annoyed and compelled to stop by the screams of the victim.

I saw some ancient petroglyphs in death valley that were scratched over by the same type of minds, ruining it for everyone else. Maybe those types of people think their senseless markings are their petroglyphs for the future generations to remember. All that will be remembered however is the enormity of their stupidity and disrespect. There are a lot better venues to leave a mark for others to see, ones that don’t involve desecrating the ever shrinking areas of natural beauty we still have. Next time you see the likes of Enzo, Clara, Mike, Rose and similar idiots desecrating our natural environment, do something about it.