Love what you do

Mar 3, 2015

This past weekend, despite an exhausting work week, I went up north with a friend to do some shooting in the freezing Canadian cold. There is a quote by Richard Avedon that I remembered and wanted to share here today:

 “I believe that you’ve got to love your work so much that it is all you want to do. I believe you must betray your mistress for your work, you betray your wife for your work; I believe that she must betray you for her work. I believe that work is the one thing in the world that never betrays you, that lasts. If I were going to be a politician, if I were going to be a scientist, I would do it every day. I wouldn’t wait for Monday. I don’t believe in weekends. If you’re headed for a life that’s only involved with making money and that you hope for satisfaction somewhere else, you’re headed for a lot of trouble. And whatever replaces vodka when you’re 45 is what you’re going to be doing.” -Richard Avedon



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